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Areas of Practice


Deceased Estate administration

We handle the entire process which involves assisting the client with completing the reporting documents, reporting the Estate to the Master of the High Court, obtaining the Letters of Executorship and the actual administration process up until obtaining the final documents from the Master’s office once the process is finalized.


Voluntary Sequestrations

Voluntary Sequestration is a mechanism available to people who have significant debt and who have, unsuccessfully, exhausted all avenues available to them in order to settle their debt. Voluntary Sequestration involves such a person applying to the High Court to be sequestrated and to be declared insolvent.



A person who has been declared insolvent is automatically rehabilitated after the expiry of 10 years after date of sequestration.  However, it is possible for an insolvent person to apply for his/her rehabilitation within the 10 year period.  This involves an Application to the High Court and is subject to certain requirements.

Drafting of Wills

Having a Will is very important and many people often postpone having a Will drafted as it seems daunting and complicated. It is however not a difficult or complicated procedure and can be finalized within a few hours.


Drafting of Ante-nuptial contracts

It is important for engaged couples who intend on getting married to decide on a marriage regime that will govern their marriage. We advise our clients on the different marriage regimes and once the couple decide which regime they want to choose we draft the Ante-nuptial contract and attend to the registration of same in the Deeds Office.


Real Estate services

Thinking of buying or selling your property? We are able to offer our clients this service and can assist with the entire process from initially valuating the property for the Seller, listing the property on the various online property portals as well as the primary portal namely Attorney Realtor Hub of which we are a member, attending to show houses if required, drafting the Deed of Sale, presenting any offers received to the Seller and negotiating the sales in order to “close the deal”.  Thanks to the MyBondFitness pre-qualification indicator, which is a product associated with and linked to the Attorney Realtor Hub, buyers are able to see if they qualify for a bond which ensures that only buyers who are pre-qualified or cash buyers are considered and their offers presented to the Seller.

Conveyancing / Property transfers and related matters

This includes drafting of Deeds of Sales as well as the actual transfer process (registering the transfer of ownership in the Deeds office).  


General Notarial work

Includes the drafting and registration of Notarial Bonds, Notarial Deeds of Cession of Exclusive Use Areas, Notarial Deeds of Cession of various personal servitudes.